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Research Behind Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have been used in the medical field for longer than you think. Umbilical cord stem cells have been collected through donation after live births for over 30 years. Though stem cell therapy has only been used in the United States for two years, this isn’t the case in other parts of the world. Medical researchers have been interested in stem cells and their healing properties for decades.

Umbilical cord cells were first used in a medical treatment in the 1980s, but the research had been around since long before that successful treatment. A Russian researcher coined the term “stem cell” in Berlin in 1908, and it’s been at the forefront of medical research ever since. Though stem cell therapy is not a new concept in the medical world, most patients remain in the dark about the realities of stem cell therapy. Let’s debunk some of the myths about this innovative therapy.


Is Stem Cell Therapy Ethical?

There are many different types of stem cells, and not all types are currently legal in the United States. A lot of ethical debate exists around embryonic stem cells which are sourced from human embryos. It’s important to note these are currently illegal, and these are not used to perform stem cell therapy.  At Achieve Vitality, we would never use fetal stem cells.

The most effective type of stem cells and the ones used for therapy at Achieve Vitality are umbilical cord stem cells. As the name implies, these are sourced from human umbilical cords. The harvesting process is simple and safe, and it’s done with consent from the mother after birth. Nobody is harmed in the harvesting of umbilical cord stem cells. These stem cells are harvested in FDA regulated stem cell banks. They’re vetted and serologically tested to ensure they are of the highest quality before being used in therapy.

Is Bone Marrow the Best Source of Stem Cells?

Another common myth about stem cell therapy is that the stem cells are best if sourced from your own body. While bone marrow can be a good source for stem cells, it’s not the only source. In many cases, it’s also not the most effective source. Because the human body loses stem cells as it ages, you’re not likely to be a good candidate for bone marrow stem cell therapy if you’re over 40 years old. The prime age for bone marrow stem cell therapy is 18-19 years old since this is when the human body has the highest percentage of stem cells. Umbilical cord stem cells are more effective because they are rich in vitality properties, highly concentrated, undifferentiated and immune privileged.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Proven?

Stem cell therapy might be new in the United States, but it’s a proven way to alleviate pain caused by injury or conditions. Stem cell therapy has successfully helped patients all over the world. There are many recent studies highlighting the success of umbilical cord stem cell therapies. As this innovative therapy becomes more widespread, it’s helping more people reclaim their health. Watch stem cell patient success stories here to see for yourself.


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