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Stem Cells 101

The Science Behind Stem Cell Therapy

You might remember learning about stem cells in your high school biology class. There’s a reason such a big fuss is made around stem cells. These little cells pack a big punch. They form the foundation for your entire body. You can think of stem cells like the body’s building blocks.

In simple terms, stem cells are unspecialized cells. They’re new, healthy, day zero cells that are free to transform into any type of cell.  That means they have the potential to become whatever your body needs. They can form new and healthy tissue, cartilage or even nerves. When you’re young, your body is full of stem cells which is why we grew and healed so quickly as children and teens.

Unfortunately, as we age we run out of stem cells and the ones we still have slow down. That means your body can’t relieve pain as well as it could before. You need a boost to get the same healing power your body is used to in your younger years. Stem cell therapy gives your body the extra help it needs to make the right repairs. By using umbilical stem cells rich in vitality properties, your body is able to recover its own healing power.

What are Umbilical Stem Cells?

There are many types of stem cells. You’ve probably heard of embryonic stem cells, which are sourced from human embryos. These are not legal in the USA. Other types of stem cell therapies are amniotic and placental stem cell therapy. These stem cells are sourced from the fluid found in the amniotic sac and the placenta.  They contain a lot of cellular debris and HLA factors that can cause rejection and have unreliable cell counts.

Stem cells can also be sourced from your own body. As discussed above, your body loses stem cells as you age. If you’re over the age of 40, odds are you won’t have much success with stem cells sourced from your own body since you have a lower percentage of active stem cells and they are not as active as day zero umbilical cord stem cells

The most effective type of stem cell therapy is umbilical cord stem cell therapy. These stem cells are harvested from umbilical cords with consent after a healthy birth. These cells are rich in vitality powers, and they’re proven to be safe and effective. All it can take is one injection of these umbilical cells to the affected area of your body to achieve noticeable improvements.

These healthy stem cells are attracted to inflammation, and they know just what repairs are necessary to help your body feel relief. By regenerating new and healthy cells, stem cell therapy repairs the affected areas whether you’re suffering from an injury or condition. Within 4-6 weeks you’ll notice an improvement in your pain. This is a permanent solution. Say goodbye to complicated surgery and medication.   

Learn more about stem cells and health:

Learn more about stem cells and health:

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