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Dan Lahut

Stem Cells Heal Sports Injury.

He couldn’t find a solution for his pain, and he knew there needed to be another way to reclaim his life. He felt reliant on pain medication with no relief in sight. After years of sports and competitions, Dan suffered from sports-related injuries. Mainly, he couldn’t move his neck or shoulders without pain. This pain kept him up at night, and he thought he was out of options.

Stem cell therapy was his last chance. Though he wasn’t very confident, his mind was put at ease by the doctors and nurses who helped him. Within two days of his treatment, he was actually able to move his head freely without pain. He couldn’t believe he’d finally found something that worked.

Now, after two months have passed since his first injection, Dan feels better than ever. He’s excited to return to the sports he left behind! None of this would have been possible if he hadn’t taken the leap to try stem cell therapy. His life is changed for the better thanks to this new treatment!



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