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Ed Danner

Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patient Avoid Surgery.

When Ed Danner started hearing a clicking sound, he knew it was because of an injury he received ten years earlier during his freshman year of college. A specialist informed him that because he had bone on bone in his shoulder from his past injury, he was a strong candidate for a shoulder replacement.

With surgery looming on the horizon, Ed was looking for a better solution. In an attempt to postpone the replacement surgery, even just for a few months, he opted for stem cell injections. Within a matter of hours, Ed was experiencing unexpected relief in his shoulder. He ended up canceling the surgery altogether because he felt so much better after the stem cell treatment.

Today, Ed credits stem cell treatment for freeing him from his daily pain. His shoulder no longer causes him discomfort, and he has gained back much-needed freedom to live his life fully. He talks about his success with stem cell therapy every chance he gets, and he urges others to look into this option before other harsh treatments.

Stem cell therapy is known to treat conditions like diabetes, spinal cord injuries, muscle tears, and more. The best way to know if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy is to speak with a specialist who can analyze your unique medical history to determine if this is the best plan of treatment for you.

Nobody should have to live in pain from old injuries or complications. Speak to a specialist today to discuss your eligibility for stem cell treatment.



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